What to Watch Tonight

“Here are some of my favorites and where to watch them.”

Imagine this: It’s been a long day of work calls, online classes, and trying not to hate your quarantine buddies. You have finally done enough work to be done for the day. So you put on your comfiest clothes (even though you’re probably already wearing them), grab what’s left of the snacks you’ve been eating all day, and turn on the TV. You start searching and searching but can’t find anything interesting to watch. Everything is rated R, boring, or you’ve already watched it 12 times. I’m not a couch potato but I’ve seen my share of good movies/shows. Here are some of my favorites and where to watch them.

Heartland  (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) 

This show is appropriate for everyone in your family. It also has enough seasons to keep you occupied for a while. The show takes place on a beautiful ranch in Canada. It’s about a family who is dealing with all the drama of growing up, family feuds, and of course, finding love. The shows seem very real and the actors play their roles amazingly. It makes me want to live in Canada. 

Little Women -2019  (Youtube, Amazon Prime) 

I saw this in a movie theater. The older one was always a classic, but the way they made this one is fun and creative. I definitely cried in the movie theater. This movie is about four sisters finding love and meaning.  I left feeling inspired to work harder for everything that I want in life. Also, my brother-in-law, who hates everything I like, loves this movie so much. It’s double approved. 

Crash Landing on You  (Netflix)

This is a South Korean drama that you will want to share with all your friends! Each episode will leave you wanting to watch more. It’s a great combination of romance, humor, and serious situations. My brother suggested this show and it’s seriously addicting. It’s about a famous South Korean woman who accidentally gets swept away into North Korea.

Remember the Titans  (Disney+, Amazon Prime, Youtube)

This is a classic for anyone who has a heart. The story told of segregation turned into brotherhood through a football team, will never get old. While all of our sports are canceled, we might as well watch a movie about sports to keep the thrill of competition and the hope of overcoming alive.  

McFarland, USA  (Hulu, Amazon Prime, Youtube)

I watched this a few years back and absolutely loved it. This is about a coach bringing new opportunities to kids who thought they didn’t have options for their future. These kids were brought together to run and were shown that they had more potential than they realized. This shows how a good coach, or anyone, can make a big difference.

Flicka 2   (Amazon Prime, Youtube) 

When I was 13, I fell in love with the cowboy in this movie. The movie is sadly not based around the cowboy, but around the city slicker he falls in love with. I totally believed I was better for him than her. Anyway, the main story is about a city girl falling in love with the country and a horse named Flicka.

Letter to Juliet   (Youtube, Hulu, Amazon Prime)

I first saw this with my best friend. This is a really cute chick flick. This is about a girl who goes to Italy with her man. She discovers a wall where love letters are written to Juliet. There is a group of ladies who answer the letters. She joins them and finds a letter that was really old. She sets off to find the letter writer and the letter writer’s lost love to bring them back together. Along the way, she finds true love. 

Free Solo   (Youtube, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+)

Okay, this movie is actually super cool. It’s about a free climber who climbs a ridiculously dangerous cliff in Yosemite. You get to see the process he takes to get ready to achieve something seemingly impossible. It’s worth the time it takes to watch

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