An Unforgettable Easter

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Easter has always held a special place in my heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the new dresses for church, the Easter egg hunts, and the gathering of family to eat loads of superior food. This year many of these distractions will be eliminated. Instead, we can focus on the reason Easter exists. Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for each of us. This is truly a beautiful reason to rejoice this weekend.

FRIDAY (Good Friday)

The living prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has asked for anyone who is willing to pray and fast on Good Friday to help with the surging pandemic that has impacted the whole world. Praying and fasting have no restrictions on location, religion, or age. Some health issues might hold you back from fasting from food. Instead, you could fast from social media, TV, or anything else that would be hard for you to sacrifice for 24 hours. These distractions can leave you with more time to do better things. You can spend more quality time with your quarantine people. Go on a walk, call your grandma, pick up items from the store for those who can’t, offer up your time to do things that really matter. And especially, pray.  Pray for those that are suffering, that you will be able to find those who need help, and that the healthcare workers will be protected. God will hear each of our prayers.   


Usually, Saturdays are spent at a community egg hunt or just doing whatever needs to get done for the day. If you can, I encourage you to spend your day outside. Go on a hike, take pictures at an orchard, plant a garden. Take time to notice the green grass, the new growth, and the trees blossoming. It is all signaling a fresh start. Feeling gratitude for all of these beautiful things can remind each of us that we have that same chance to start over fresh because Jesus suffered for all of our sins. We can all repent and try to do better every single day. We are never ever alone in our trials. There is someone who totally understands what we are going through.


It’s tough to not be able to meet together with your congregation or other family members on Easter. We have the great opportunity to have church at home! Put on nice clothes and have a church meeting. Read and study the scriptures about the resurrection. Pray to know its truth. The sacrifice that Jesus made for us is worth the time to celebrate and ponder. Celebrate with a nice meal with those you are quarantined with. Share your thoughts and feelings about Easter on social media. Maybe you’ll be able to bless and strengthen others. 

Wherever you are or whatever you are going through, may you have a blessed and happy Easter! #HearHim #Easter #Hope #Prayer #Fasting

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