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April: A New Start for 2020

“Goodbye January, February, and especially March.”

2020 hasn’t even been with us half a year and it’s been a kick in the face. The month of March has lasted longer than any month we’ve ever lived. But hey, it’s the first of April. We should all just pretend it’s January 1st. I’m not saying we should all make new resolutions, that’ll never get done. But maybe we should go into the rest of the year with a different mindset. Because everyone is dealing with a bunch of crap. Earthquakes, quarantine, loneliness, sickness, death, and all other sorts of things. I’m just as guilty as anyone for feeling bad for myself,  but then I remember my secret weapon. The life motto that I’ve had in my heart since the song came out in 2016. The song is by Tim McGraw, called “Humble and Kind”. I’ve previously talked about this song in my blog. This song could inspire the Grinch’s heart to grow 12 sizes, I swear. 

Tim McGraw has always been one of my favorite singers. When he came out with this song it filled my soul. If parents had to teach their children to be a good human with a song, this would be the song. It teaches about manners, helping others even when you’re at the top, and bringing meaning to the word love again. Everyone has lots of mountains to climb. If we choose to be kind and humble, we are literally changing the world. You don’t have to be an Instagram star to influence others. Your actions are noticed and can reflect on how others act.

Christmas morning of 2018, I unwrapped a CD with a ticket to a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert that following July. I was overwhelmed with excitement. Two of my friends also got tickets for Christmas; our moms had planned it together. So on July 18th, we got to see Tim McGraw perform “Humble and Kind” live. No one could wipe the smile off my face. I felt like I was radiating as this message filled my heart to overflowing. Also, I lost my voice from singing my heart out. There is now a sign hanging on my wall that says “Always Stay Humble and Kind”. I get to wake up and go to bed thinking about it. Personally, these words help me to bite my tongue when sarcasm is trying to come out. I work on spreading kindness instead of gossip. I don’t keep my face looking towards the ground. I make eye contact with everyone I see and leave them with a smile.

Let’s all say goodbye to January, February, and especially March. Try to wake up tomorrow with gratitude overflowing from our hearts. Don’t complain about being quarantined at home while healthcare workers are risking their lives leaving theirs.  The world most definitely doesn’t revolve around one person. Together, if we spread kindness today, tomorrow will be a better day. And thank goodness for Tim McGraw. 

Please share this with everyone you can. This is a message that needs to be heard today. #Hope #Kindness #Humble #Love #April #Sharing


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