5 Songs to Kick Those Isolation Blues

STOP what you’re doing and take a listen.

You know that point in the day when you can’t handle anymore bad news; and you are stuck without your favorite burrito, your best friend, and the excitement of watching your boys kick trash at March Madness? Here’s some music that will help you remember that together we will get through this. Take a minute to sit and look out your window and let these five songs blare through your speaker. They will fill you with hope and help get rid of those negative Nellie’s in your life.   

  1. “Life is Good”- Todd Hunter Band 

I first heard this song on Heartland, one of my favorite shows on Netflix. This is a song I’d prescribe to everyone daily. Play it when you wake up and need to get going.  We may be quarantined, but we don’t need to hide from life. Life is good. Remember this and I promise everything will seem a little easier.    

2. “Sunday Best”- Surfaces 

I was listening to Pandora when this song came on. I suddenly had the urge to dance around the house. You know when people ask you if you are okay and you say you are, even if you aren’t.  This song is like that, but instead of convincing someone else that you are okay, it helps convince you that you are okay. Play this song while you are getting ready for the day and you won’t be able to hide your smile.  Let your smile remind you that YOU ARE OKAY!

3.“Rise Up”- Andra Day 

I heard this song paired with a video of doctors and nurses during this pandemic. It brought me to tears. It reminded me that we live in an amazing country. People are reaching out to their neighbors, family, and strangers to help, because we all “rise up” to take on this challenge together. 

4.“Rainbow”-  Kacey Musgraves 

When my best friend and I were seniors in high school, we had both just had a horrible day and  failed our college tests. We were driving home in separate cars when this song came on the radio. It was the first time I had heard it. After listening for a minute, I called my best friend. She was listening to the same station. This song reminded us that it might have been a bad day, but there were more days to come, and they would be better.  We met up at a park and ran over to the swings. We swung for a while and it made us happy again with hope for a better day. That day doesn’t really compare to what we are going through now, but this song is a perfect reminder that there will be sunny days ahead.  

5.“123456”- Fitz and The Tantrums 

My brother suggested this song to me the other day. Wherever you are, stop and take a minute to dance away all your worries. Because you’re going to keep working hard and succeeding. LET’S GO TEAM WORLD!

Comment other song suggestions below. #Isolation #Music #Hope #Life #Love #Corona

One thought on “5 Songs to Kick Those Isolation Blues

  1. My favorites are Sunday Best, Rise up and Rainbow. I also like your story about you and your friend failing a college entrance test and how you guys swing your blues away because there’s still tomorrow. The other day one of my best friends called and I was at the top of my depression. I love how she expressed understanding and love then said tomorrow is another day. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful songs.

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