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My First Love

Most kids at my high school drove junk cars. You know the ones with the bumper draggin’, the mirrors barely hanging on, and the windows duct-taped closed. But that’s not the case for everyone. There were the kids who drove jeeps, the newest car, or their mom’s minivan. Then, there were the lucky ones who drove trucks. I was one of the lucky ones.

That Friendship feeling Life Beyond Tired

I remember how I’d run out to the truck every morning and step up to get in. I’d shut the door and breathe in the truck’s familiar earthy smell as I started the big, powerful engine.  My favorite local country station would come on.   If I was lucky, they were playing “She’s Country”, by Jason Aldean.  If not, I knew they would play some of my faves during my twenty-minute drive to school; thirty minutes if I picked up friends. Driving the truck to school was one of the best parts of my day. I was never in a hurry, even if I should have been.     

I drove my dad’s truck for the first time before I ever turned 15. Like most small-town kids, I got behind the wheel long before I ever had my driver’s permit. That is when I first fell in love with trucks.

My very first love was a white F-150. My sisters and I called him Justin. Justin has helped me with a lot of things. When nosey fake friends asked if I was dating anyone, I would tell them about Justin.

Justin was reliable, adventurous and he always took me where I wanted to go.  He would take me skiing in the winter.  He always made me feel safe no matter what the roads looked like.  During the summer he would take me and my friends kayaking to the nearby reservoir.  At night he would take us to the middle of nowhere to gaze at the stars. He would take me up on the mountain to my favorite trailhead.  We would watch sunsets together. Maybe Justin sounded too good to be true. But he wasn’t. He was perfect for me.   

I don’t know anything about engines. But I do know how I like trucks to look and I know how I like them to feel when I drive them.

I hope that in the future I’ll be able to get a nice F-250 to drive. AND I pray that my future husband will love trucks as much as I do. #Trucks #Love


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