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A Movie Worth Waiting For

I remember sitting in the movie theater as the tears flowed. I had been feeling miserably exhausted for over a month (that was before I knew I had mono) AND my boyfriend and I had recently broken up.  I felt just plain terrible and I didn’t know how to get out of this slump.

My mom decided to take my little sister and me to go see a movie. Though I really enjoyed the movie, the thing that touched me the most was what I watched before it even started.  It was the trailer for the movie, I Still Believe. 

I grew up hearing the song “I Still Believe” at my house, especially on Sundays. I always thought it was a beautiful song. The familiar chorus would often get stuck in my head. What a powerful message to stick with a child. When the trailer for the movie played, I was touched by the story’s beauty. Tears streamed down my cheeks as hope filled my soul.

Though my sickness and heartache wasn’t over, I left that day with a little bit more light than I came with. I looked forward to the movie coming out and set it on my phone’s calendar. 

Fast forward 5 months, I’ve conquered mono and gotten over the boy.

I sat down to watch the movie at home with my family. Can I just say, “WOW!!”? The movie was a great example of courage, faith and love. I felt of the pure love that Jeremy had for his wife. Deep love that never gives up and lasts forever. I felt so much hope for my own life. I’m so grateful to know I believe in God. He has a plan for me AND he will guide me through anything. 


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