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To The 2020 Graduating High School Seniors

Graduation is something that you and your family have worked for as long as you can remember. Y’all have spent roughly 15,000 hours in school and you survived! That alone is a huge accomplishment. Not to mention all the hours of stress over schoolwork. This is a big deal! It is a celebration of who you are and what you have accomplished over so many years.

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Four Novels to Read

Some lighthearted rom-coms to read.

While some of us have read for fun our entire lives, there are those who are trying to find something entertaining to read during the quarantine. My heart hurts for those trying to read novels and only finding mushy-gushy, scandalous, and extremely serious romances. What we need are some lighthearted rom-coms to read.  I started reading these when I was really young. My mom said they give me false expectations of guys. But hey, I can dream, right? Here are my top 4 favorite books that will make you laugh out loud and make you love love again. 

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Why Brown Eyes are Beautiful

Here’s to all the people in the brown-eyed club.

If you are reading this post, you must have brown eyes. There is a popular perception that beautiful eyes are bright colored ones, the blues that match the ocean and the greens that pierce your soul. Brown-eyed people never get chosen for most beautiful eyes in their yearbooks.

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An Unforgettable Easter

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Easter has always held a special place in my heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the new dresses for church, the Easter egg hunts, and the gathering of family to eat loads of superior food. This year many of these distractions will be eliminated. Instead, we can focus on the reason Easter exists. Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for each of us. This is truly a beautiful reason to rejoice this weekend.

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What to Watch Tonight

“Here are some of my favorites and where to watch them.”

Imagine this: It’s been a long day of work calls, online classes, and trying not to hate your quarantine buddies. You have finally done enough work to be done for the day. So you put on your comfiest clothes (even though you’re probably already wearing them), grab what’s left of the snacks you’ve been eating all day, and turn on the TV. You start searching and searching but can’t find anything interesting to watch. Everything is rated R, boring, or you’ve already watched it 12 times. I’m not a couch potato but I’ve seen my share of good movies/shows. Here are some of my favorites and where to watch them.

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April: A New Start for 2020

“Goodbye January, February, and especially March.”

2020 hasn’t even been with us half a year and it’s been a kick in the face. The month of March has lasted longer than any month we’ve ever lived. But hey, it’s the first of April. We should all just pretend it’s January 1st. I’m not saying we should all make new resolutions, that’ll never get done. But maybe we should go into the rest of the year with a different mindset. Because everyone is dealing with a bunch of crap. Earthquakes, quarantine, loneliness, sickness, death, and all other sorts of things. I’m just as guilty as anyone for feeling bad for myself,  but then I remember my secret weapon. The life motto that I’ve had in my heart since the song came out in 2016. The song is by Tim McGraw, called “Humble and Kind”. I’ve previously talked about this song in my blog. This song could inspire the Grinch’s heart to grow 12 sizes, I swear. 

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5 Songs to Kick Those Isolation Blues

STOP what you’re doing and take a listen.

You know that point in the day when you can’t handle anymore bad news; and you are stuck without your favorite burrito, your best friend, and the excitement of watching your boys kick trash at March Madness? Here’s some music that will help you remember that together we will get through this. Take a minute to sit and look out your window and let these five songs blare through your speaker. They will fill you with hope and help get rid of those negative Nellie’s in your life.   

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10 Things a Gen Z Can Do During Quarantine

I’m a Gen Z and I approve this message.

Because of mono, I have been stuck at my house for almost 3 months. Here’s a list of things I have personally done.

  1. Get a new hobby. 

 This seems like something way easier to say than to actually do. Some hobbies I’ve picked up since getting mono are watching Professional Bull Riding (PBR), studying politics, and writing a blog. I have picked out my favorite riders and bulls in PBR. This hobby has sparked other people’s interests in my family as well. Now I never watch it alone. 

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5 Country Songs for People Who Hate Country Music

People reject country music around the nation. Here are 5 songs to convert you to our team.

Growing up in a small, rural town means listening to country music. Country music describes a way of life. The way I choose to live. Guess what? It’s not all about beer, trucks, and broken hearts. If you’re shocked, then you haven’t actually tried country music out. It can bring me to tears, make me feel proud to be an American, and smile on the ickiest days.

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