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You Look Just Like Your DAD

“You look just like your dad!”  This was a common phrase I heard growing up. It would bring sheer panic to my young, teenage girl heart. 

Luckily, we discovered I look very similar to my great-grandma. She is my dad’s grandma.  She was a beautiful woman, so that makes looking like my dad kind of cool. Now, I think that looking just like my dad is a blessing. 

My dad and I share a special bond. The dad and favorite child bond. (Though some of my siblings may disagree with the ‘favorite child’ part.) We go on hikes in the mountains, have long talks on road trips while everyone else is sleeping, and share a similar personality. 

We both come off as quiet, reserved people. In reality, we are sassy (sometimes dramatic) people. Between us we have a killer selection of dad jokes to tell. Jokes that will either get you rolling around on the floor or beyond confused.  

You’re probably wondering how I became my dad’s favorite. I think it is because of the little things I do to show him that he is important. Here are a few examples. He likes popcorn, so whenever I make popcorn, I always make a bowl just for him. He loves when someone joins him when he walks around the yard to look at our garden and fruit trees. So I walk around with him and listen to him talk about each tree and plant. Also, I impress him with my knowledge of his hometown. Over the years, I paid attention when we drove around the little town he grew up in. He would talk about whose farm was whose, what cousin lived where, and various historical facts.

There are a few things I have heard my dad say many times.

“It’s just over the hill.”

“Only a half mile more.”

“I can see it from here.”

These are common fibs my dad likes to tell us while we’re backpacking or hiking. His way of motivating can be quite deceiving to those who don’t know him. But we always get where we’re going, or at least we get somewhere cool. 

My dad was the one who went to all my basketball games. Every time I made a basket, he cheered for me like I won a gold medal in the Olympics.

I really appreciate his love for trucks, his deep love for nature, and his adventurous spirit. I wouldn’t be who I am today without him. God knew what he was doing when he made my dad. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!! #Fathers #Love #Blessed

A song that reminds me of my childhood.

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