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That Friendship Feeling

I was sitting in our small classroom wearing my witch costume waiting for the Halloween parade to start. My best friend was out in the hall refusing to put on her bride costume.  The teacher asked me to go out into the hallway to convince her to put on her bride dress and veil. Determined, my best friend kept protesting,” I don’t want to be a bride!”

I was very frustrated with this girl. The teacher and I finally convinced her to put it on, just in time to join the costume parade. I don’t remember much about the actual parade but I’m sure we laughed and waved and giggled as we walked through the school.  

Fast forward to May 2020.  I recently read a tweet saying that girls are either getting engaged or dying their hair right now. I have dyed my hair twice in the past couple of months. My best friend just got engaged.

We’ve always been a package deal. In elementary school we tried to match our sparkly belts and basketball shorts. In middle school we got invited to parties together. In high school when one of us got asked to a dance, the other would get asked about five minutes later. 

Sometimes people asked if we were sisters. Best friends are like that. They are like family.  They are there for you through the good and the bad. They cheer you on when you’re trying something new and scary. They make you mad sometimes, but you forgive them because you know it’s not really that important anyway. Best friends cry with you when you watch sad movies. They make you laugh every day.  Sometimes all day.  

BFFs are a real thing and friendship really can be forever. I know because my best friend and I have been friends for at least five-thousand six-hundred and forty days. And that is pretty much forever.  

My best friend is going to be putting on her bride costume very soon. This time it’s for real and she’s ready to be a bride. And I will be cheering her on. 


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