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When I moved out to go to college, I thought I’d be way less dependent on my mama. Well, I was dead wrong. Mothers are forever. The number one lesson I’ve learned is that you always need your mom.

Friends can learn all about you, but your mom can read you ten times better. My mom can make my favorite food better than anyone.  She can calm me down when I’m panicked. She cries with me when I cry. You get the picture. As I’ve gotten older, she’s become my best friend. I trust her advice on clothes, food, and even boys. I really do talk to my mom about all these things. 

Here’s a short conversation that happened the other day that explains our relationship. My mom, my little sister, and I were at the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A. It was really busy and there were employees everywhere, taking orders, swiping credit cards, directing traffic and bringing out the food.  

My mom: “There are a lot of nice-looking young men working here.” 

Me: “Yeah, but I want a country boy. Like, look at that guy’s shorts! He’s not a country boy.” 

My mom: “Yeah, but look at his calves!” 

I don’t want to just brag about my mom all day. I want to talk about how to make this Mother’s Day extra special for your mama.  Here are my suggestions.

Time– Your mother doesn’t need the most expensive flowers to make her smile. She needs to know she still matters to you. Spend the day with her. If you can’t visit her, make sure to “Call Your Mama“. Share what is going on in your life and then listen to her talk about what is important to her.  

Love– Does your mom know you love her? If you’re like me, sometimes saying “I love you” isn’t a really comfortable phrase to say. You can show your love through service and respect. For example, since you love her, you can show it by asking for advice from her. Ask your mom a question about something that is on your mind and then listen to her. It will make your mom know that she’s an important part of your life.  And also, parents love to give advice.  Listen up because it is probably really good advice.  Remember, your mom  was your age once too.  

I love spending time with my mom and listening to good old country music. I love sitting down after dates and explaining what I’m thinking, often late into the night. Moms aren’t perfect humans, but they are pretty dang close. So make sure you remember to appreciate all the time you get with them. THANK YOU MAMAS for being strong enough to raise crazy kids. Motherhood is an awesome honor and I appreciate you all.  Happy Mother’s Day!!! #Mothers #Mama #Love #Mom


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