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Words of Advice from a Young Adult to Parents During Quarantine

This is some of y’alls first time being stuck with your older kids and it shows. When I got mono, I moved back home from college to live with my parents and little sister. My sister was gone a lot with friends, different lessons, and church activities. It was pretty much just me and my parents.  But I honestly didn’t mind because I love my parents. I think I look the most like them out of all my siblings and my personality is straight from both of them. I was privileged to get a lot of one on one time with them. 

Some of you might feel like your kids came from outer space with their different interests and abilities. Or maybe they are so much like you that y’all can’t stand each other.  Sometimes it can seem like a constant battle getting along. Making this time comfortable for yourself and them is really important. If you are successful, your relationship with them will be better, they will want to spend more time with you, and you will have good memories of quarantine. 

Here are a few words of advice, straight from a young adult, for every parent having to quarantine with older kids at home.  

  1. This is a really difficult time for your kids too. They want to be out doing their own thing. Let them feel like they are still in charge of themselves. Don’t try and set them a bedtime or something. Obviously, if you have house rules, they need to follow them. But don’t make them feel trapped back in their childhood. 
  2. Do you know what they love? Maybe their tastes and interests have changed from when they were younger.  Find out what’s important to them and then show them that you are paying attention.  Surprise them with their favorite takeout. Watch their favorite movie with them. Anything that lets them know you’re trying to be there for them.
  3. Do something together that you both love.  It might be painting, running, cooking, gardening, hiking, or a variety of other activities. Find that thing that you both enjoy doing and do it! 
  4. Don’t make them feel like your work is more important than them. Yes, you need to get things done. But sometimes we all just need ATTENTION! 
  5. Make sure you share your stories of young adulthood with them so they know that you made mistakes and are maybe even a little fun. 

I’m not a parent, but my parents are really good at doing all these things for me. Just keep on trying and do your very best.  At the end of the day, that is all that really matters. #Love #Parents #Quarantine


One thought on “Words of Advice from a Young Adult to Parents During Quarantine

  1. I love this! Parents really can make a world of difference doing these things, even if there isn’t any quarantine rules.

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