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Change Up Your Quarantine Weekend with These Dandy Ideas

It’s day 849,385 of quarantine and everyone is getting used to doing the same thing EVERY day. You don’t want your weekend to feel like just another day. So, let’s mix it up!!

  • Choose someone in your quarantine group to dress like without them knowing. This is a trend on Tik Tok right now. Most of the time, everyone dresses like their dad. You can present yourselves to them at dinner time. It’s a super great way to get a good laugh. And a good laugh will brighten everyone’s day.  
  • Dress up in your fancy old prom dresses and suits, then go and get some takeout from a local restaurant. Enjoy your extravagant meal at home with candles.  
  • If you have a dog, teach them a new trick. If you don’t have a dog, get a dog.  
  • Draw happy images and write positive messages on your sidewalk or driveway with sidewalk chalk. Sidewalk chalk is hard to find right now, but if you happen to be lucky enough to have some on hand, start creating.      
  • Do a photo shoot with a local photographer. Pictures can be taken with them 6 feet away from you. This is also a really good reason to finally get ready for the day AND you will have a picture to remember how you conquered this quarantine.  
  • Have a step competition among your friends or family. Track it on your phone or Fitbit. Share results and give out or send awards.  
  • Doorbell ditch little gifts to your friends. Who wouldn’t want a kind note or a surprise basket of chocolate?
  • Dig in and do some yard work you’ve been ignoring. Trim that bush, girl!   
  • Paint pots and plant flowers in them. Who doesn’t love flowers?  I personally love wildflowers, but any flower will do.     
  • Try making new food. I recently tried making ravioli and it was a huge success. I’ve made it twice already and my mom said it is quite possibly the best pasta she has ever had in her life.  
  • Make a workout plan for yourself. It will get you out of your weekly slump and help you be ready to enjoy your weekend full throttle.   
  • Go through your clothes and donate or give away what you don’t wear. If you don’t know where you can take them right now, put them in a box until you can.  Reward yourself by ordering that cute dress that’s on sale.   
  • Dye your hair. If you’ve always been afraid of taking that leap, now is the time. 
  • You know that guy you have liked forever? This is your chance to let them know.   Because if it doesn’t work out you aren’t hiding away, you’re just quarantined. 😉
  • Catch up with someone you haven’t talked to in a long time. 

This is a crazy time for everyone in the world. Make sure you don’t regret not doing something during the quarantine. Today is the day! #Love #Weekend


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