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To The 2020 Graduating High School Seniors

Graduation is something that you and your family have worked for as long as you can remember. Y’all have spent roughly 15,000 hours in school and you survived! That alone is a huge accomplishment. Not to mention all the hours of stress over schoolwork. This is a big deal! It is a celebration of who you are and what you have accomplished over so many years.

No one else may understand what your personal path to graduation looked like; the valleys that you were stuck in and the mountains that you climbed.  But we do know that it wasn’t easy and that you are better and stronger because of it. We all want to celebrate YOU and what you have accomplished!  

Your class will never ever be forgotten. Y’all are making history as we speak. The graduating classes before you- 2019, 2018, 2017- aren’t going to be remembered. You are the class who was born after the national crisis of 9/11 and will graduate during a pandemic. This isn’t what you expected. This isn’t what anyone expected. Now, instead of dances, parties, end-of-year concerts, yearbook signings, and goodbye hugs, you are being confronted with another challenge. The last brave hurdle that the class of 2020 has to jump before graduation is facing you now. The world is watching to see what you will do. You have the opportunity to choose what will be written in history books and to show us what the future will be made of.

Just think of all the incredible things you can do during this time. Here are just a few ideas to get started. 

-Share your gratitude.  Who has helped you make it to graduation?  Who has helped you overcome those challenges you faced?  Who helped you see your potential and pushed you to do better?  Thank them in whatever way you can. Send a letter, write a card, post it on social media. 

 -Ask someone to your senior dance, social distancing style. We want pictures of you all decked out. Get a group together and have a Zoom date. 

-Or you can ask one of your parents to be your Senior Prom date.  Dress up. Take pictures. Share with everyone. It may be your best and most memorable date ever. 

– No matter what your school is doing for your graduation, take some pictures in your cap and gown and share them with everyone. We all want to celebrate your graduation with you! 

-Y’all know that crush you’ve had since 8th grade? Now’s your time to slide into those DM’s or reach out on Snapchat. Maybe they’ve been waiting to hear from you.   

– On graduation day, spend some time doing service. Donate food to your local food bank, do yard work for an elderly neighbor, make masks for essential workers to use. Invite those who you’re isolated with to join you. This is your day to shine and you can do it in the way the world needs most right now, by spreading hope.  Share your service ideas and projects across social media. 

God bless the class of 2020. We love you seniors!! 


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