Four Novels to Read

Some lighthearted rom-coms to read.

While some of us have read for fun our entire lives, there are those who are trying to find something entertaining to read during the quarantine. My heart hurts for those trying to read novels and only finding mushy-gushy, scandalous, and extremely serious romances. What we need are some lighthearted rom-coms to read.  I started reading these when I was really young. My mom said they give me false expectations of guys. But hey, I can dream, right? Here are my top 4 favorite books that will make you laugh out loud and make you love love again. 

  1. The List– Melanie Jacobson 

I’ve read this book more than 50 times. REALLY. It’s my absolute all-time favorite book. My copy is bent, worn, and well-loved. I have shared it with many friends and family members, even guy friends. People have told me my personality is very similar to the main character, Ashley. I take that as a huge compliment. Ashley makes a list of random things to do before she gets married.  One of them is to have a summer fling. Ashley is in Huntington Beach, California, trying to get some of her list checked off. Her surf-coach summer-fling becomes a bit of a problem when she starts falling for him. This book will take you to a sandy beach in sunny California and make you forget that you are stuck in your house. Seriously, go read this!!

2. Playing for Keeps– Ranee S. Clark

Girls, this is a fantastic one for you football lovers. You need a copy of this one.  It is about a girl named Ty who actually understands football. Unlike most of the other girls she knows, she doesn’t go to games to socialize. She also doesn’t get confused and cheer when her team fumbles the ball. She loves football so much that she decides to take a football coaching class. She knows that her crush, the star quarterback, will be in the class.  Slowly she spends more and more time with him and makes her own game plan to catch his heart. 

3. How to Stuff a Wild Zucchini– Heather Horrocks

The title may be strange but don’t judge the book by the title. This book is based on a writer named Lori. She moves from New York to temporarily take over a column in a small town in Utah. She just wants to get away from her heartbreak and her failure of play writing. But her first day there she accidentally lights her house on fire. She ends up meeting a very handsome firefighter. The charming firefighter ends up showing her around. This sets off the process of finding herself, her religion, and the love of her life.

4. Always Will– Melanie Jacobson 

Yes, another book by Melanie Jacobson. I love this author sooo much. This is about a girl named Hannah who is in love with her older brother’s best friend, Will. Her brother gets married and moves away. She still lives in the same complex as Will but he just treats her like a little sister. Will is ready to settle down. In an attempt to get his attention she ruins all his dates. Every time she wants to give up, she sees a little sign of hope. Then she’s off again trying to get out of being sister zoned. 

Enjoy!! #Books #Novels #Love #Isolation 

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