Why Brown Eyes are Beautiful

Here’s to all the people in the brown-eyed club.

If you are reading this post, you must have brown eyes. There is a popular perception that beautiful eyes are bright colored ones, the blues that match the ocean and the greens that pierce your soul. Brown-eyed people never get chosen for most beautiful eyes in their yearbooks.

This can make those of us with brown eyes not very proud to have them. We may feel boring, self-conscious, and straight-up ugly. I started getting nervous making eye contact with anyone. Growing up I called my eyes ‘dirt eyes’. People never seemed to take the time to admire their beauty like other eyes. They would gush about the fortunate few with bright colored eyes. But stop right there! I’m not writing this to complain, I’ve slowly learned to be confident about my eyes. I don’t want anyone to feel bad for being blessed with brown eyes. Brown eyes are beautiful! Here are some thoughts, songs, and reassurance that your brown eyes are indeed beautiful. 

  • Something that’s really important is to change your negative mindset. If you’re not trying to love your eyes, you won’t. I decided I needed to change the idea that my eyes are like dirt to something I actually liked. I began telling people my eyes are the color of creamy hot chocolate. When I’d say that, people would take the time to check out my hot cocoa eyes. 
  • Brown eyes are the best friend of the sunshine. Light makes brown eyes turn into golden charmers. Trying to resist eyes that sparkle in the light is nearly impossible. You’ll want to share in their glowing light. If you’re lucky enough to spend time with someone with brown eyes during sunset, you are about to be blown away. Their eyes reflect the sunset in such a stunning way. Good luck taking your eyes off their eyes now. 
  • People with brown eyes usually have longer eyelashes. I don’t have any data to support this statement. But I feel like it’s true. 
  • Brown eyes are a lot more mysterious. Those dark and captivating looks can hide a true gem of a person or a crazy psychopath. Brown-eyed people may seem to be playing hard to get….and they probably are. 
  • Another thing people don’t talk about is the many hues of brown. It ranges from caramel to dark chocolate. Just think of all those rich delicious colors of chocolate. How can you not appreciate those colors?
  • Many songs talk about being in love with someone with blues eyes. But there are a few smart singers who know how heavenly brown eyes can be. Here’s a few from off the top of my head.  

“Brown Eyed Girl” – Van Morrison

“Homesick” – Kane Brown

“Pretty Brown Eyes” – Cody Simpson

  • Please remember that brown eyes are a piece of God’s greatest artistry. They are absolutely stunning, so strut those masterpieces everywhere you go.

Share with all your brown eyed friends. #Browneyes #Eyes #Love

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