10 Things a Gen Z Can Do During Quarantine

I’m a Gen Z and I approve this message.

Because of mono, I have been stuck at my house for almost 3 months. Here’s a list of things I have personally done.

  1. Get a new hobby. 

 This seems like something way easier to say than to actually do. Some hobbies I’ve picked up since getting mono are watching Professional Bull Riding (PBR), studying politics, and writing a blog. I have picked out my favorite riders and bulls in PBR. This hobby has sparked other people’s interests in my family as well. Now I never watch it alone. 

2. Listen to music.

Don’t listen to your normal music. Try out all kinds of genres, artists, and albums. Make new playlists to share with your friends. Ask your friends for their favorite songs as well. By the end of the quarantine, you’ll have a playlist to last for days. 

3. Re-watch all your favorite shows/movies.

I have several shows I’ve watched over again this year. I notice new things and fall in love with them all over again. Also, ask your friends for new shows to watch, because finding your own new show to watch can be hard. 

4. Paint everything. 

Look around, I’m sure there is something you can paint. I’ve painted my lamp in my room. I paint my nails a different color every week. Or maybe it’s time to change your room color. Just be creative!

5. Go through your junk drawers. 

I got rid of lots of papers that don’t matter anymore. I made it more fun by ripping them up. But the very best part was the money I found. It wasn’t a lot, but it was still exciting. 


Almost everyday I’ve gone walking, biking, or just played ball. It will improve your mood. And improve everything else too. If you can’t get outside, stare out your window and look for birds and stuff. 

7. Make Food

If you’re a Top Ramen kind of chef, work on being a pancake kinda chef. If you can cook, then make anything you want. Have cooking competitions with those you’re isolating with. Good food will make you happy.

 8. Get a dating app.

If you’re 18 or older and single, this one’s for you. DON’T go on dates right now; but make friends with new people, for after quarantine. 

9. Text/call/facetime friends.

I’ve been able to catch up with people I haven’t spoken to in months. I can remember now why we were friends. 

10. Talk to your family.

Take the time to chat about good old times, new plans, and funny stories. You might find out you like those people. And want to talk to them everyday. You might be surprised what you can learn. My family used bestiefy.com and sent our quizzes to our family group chat. It’s super entertaining. 

#mono #family #quarantine #fun

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