5 Country Songs for People Who Hate Country Music

People reject country music around the nation. Here are 5 songs to convert you to our team.

Growing up in a small, rural town means listening to country music. Country music describes a way of life. The way I choose to live. Guess what? It’s not all about beer, trucks, and broken hearts. If you’re shocked, then you haven’t actually tried country music out. It can bring me to tears, make me feel proud to be an American, and smile on the ickiest days.

5 Songs to Listen to Today

1. Tim McGraw- “Always Stay Humble and Kind” The title of this song just about says everything. This is how I strive to live my life. I try to remember these words when I’m being a stubborn skunk. The singer felt this song’s importance and you can feel that with every word.

2. Florida Georgia Line- “Blessings” These guys have some really cute love songs. This one just makes me so happy. I want my future husband to think these things about me. This is the best kind of love song.

3. Old Dominion- “Some People Do” Okay, this song is so perfect for apologizing. If you broke my heart and then came and sang me this song, I’d marry you.

4. George Strait- “God and Country Music” George is my mama’s favorite singer. His voice is so comforting. I could listen to him all day. This song explains two things that are really important to me.

5. Jason Aldean- “They Don’t Know” One of my friends used to not like anything about the country, including country music. She moved to my small town and I taught her about the country way of life. I would play this song whenever she would complain about where we lived. This is how we feel in our rural communities. It might not mean that much to you, but it describes my people.

If you listened to all of these and liked them, you actually do like country music. #Countrymusic #Music #rural

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