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5 Songs to Kick Those Isolation Blues

STOP what you’re doing and take a listen. You know that point in the day when you can’t handle anymore bad news; and you are stuck without your favorite burrito, your best friend, and the excitement of watching your boys kick trash at March Madness? Here’s some music that will help you remember that togetherContinue reading “5 Songs to Kick Those Isolation Blues”


10 Things a Gen Z Can Do During Quarantine

I’m a Gen Z and I approve this message. Because of mono, I have been stuck at my house for almost 3 months. Here’s a list of things I have personally done. Get a new hobby.   This seems like something way easier to say than to actually do. Some hobbies I’ve picked up since gettingContinue reading “10 Things a Gen Z Can Do During Quarantine”

5 Country Songs for People Who Hate Country Music

People reject country music around the nation. Here are 5 songs to convert you to our team. Growing up in a small, rural town means listening to country music. Country music describes a way of life. The way I choose to live. Guess what? It’s not all about beer, trucks, and broken hearts. If you’reContinue reading “5 Country Songs for People Who Hate Country Music”